CUDL’s Designathon is a 36-hour design competition held over the course of three days where students compete in teams of 3-4. Teams must select between a handful of real-world engineering problem statements and must then conceptualize a solution and create a 3D CAD model of their design. On the last day of the event teams present their solutions to a panel of judges and the winners of each design challenge are chosen.

Each problem statement is unique from the others and touches on various fields of engineering, which allows designers from all backgrounds to participate. We want to encourage creativity and as such you are allowed to use CAD software that you and your team are comfortable with!

Participants will also have the chance to be mentored by experienced designers and attend networking sessions held by our sponsors and submit their resumes for sponsor review.

This year the Carleton Designathon will take place on March 18th-20th. Registration is now open!